Pinkfong Wonderstar (핑크퐁 원더스타) is a South Korean 3D computer animated TV show produced by SmartStudy. It was first aired in South Korea on June 27, 2019 on KBS2, premiering with the episode "Pinkfong and Hogi". It was made available to watch on the Pinkfong TV app within the same day. [1] A possible English release was previously confirmed for 2019, [2] however the last time it was mentioned anywhere was in December of 2018, [3] making it likely that it is being delayed in favor of the Baby Shark cartoon that is set to air on Nick Jr. [4] It is currently unknown if it will be released in other languages.

The show features Pinkfong and his friend Hogi as the main characters.


Pinkfong flies his star to Wonder Ville. An unexpected accident causes him to crash on the roof of Hogi's house. Pinkfong, travelling in search of a friend, meets Hogi there. Wanting to help more of their friends, they immediately create a team called Wonderstar, to solve their friends' troubles. [5]


Pinkfongphone Hogiphone Jennyphone Pokiphone Codiphone

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  4. In the English version of the 30 million subscriber special radio show, all mentions of Pinkfong Wonderstar are replaced with Ollie talking about the Baby Shark show.
  5. Rough translation from the Pinkfong Wonderstar page on
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