Pinkfong, stylized as PINKFONG, is a children's entertainment company, a subsidiary of SmartStudy, established in Seoul, South Korea.


BabyFong was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Smart Books Media, developing the character of Pinkfong, known back then as simply "Fong". Smart Books started developing apps featuring him, such as stories, songs and coloring books. He also had other friends, such as Bomi, a human girl, Momo, a blue astronaut rabbit, Ally, a dog-like creature, and the Ari, tiny black-furred creatures with shape bodies.

That same year, they launched their YouTube Channel, where they uploaded promotional videos of their apps and nursery rhymes videos.

On June 17th, 2016, they uploaded a dance practice version of their song, Baby Shark. It suddenly went viral, reaching 1 billion views and prompting many other people to create their own versions (or even parodies) of it.

In 2019, they started their venture into the animation business, with the release of their first animated series, Pinkfong Wonderstar, in July.

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